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Annddd the 4, 5, 6 (how?) year vacation is officially over. Somehow you have managed to schedule and pass the required amount of courses in between your (*insert Netflix series, and beverage of choice) binge fest, and now said collegiate institute is kicking you out into the real world with nothing but the mems you’ve made and a slew of srat tees. Oh and let’s not forget that student loan debt they handed you for the road. However, despite popular belief, the best years of your life are not behind you. Now you begin a new era, the life of a young professional. A purgatorial phase of life where you have clearly mastered the art of being young, but you are now a little too old for college parties. You have become financially independent yet you are too young to have earned the respect from all the old ball washers whippin’ around in their Benz. It’s an awkward stage but this is a moment that has the potential to reap so many rewards. This is the base layer of your personal skyscraper and building a solid foundation is the single most beneficial thing you can do to impact your future. I want to share with you the importance of what you should be doing now during your young professional years in order achieve success now and later down the road. Don’t know what you are supposed to do, or how to do it? Good. Goal of this blog: Simplify the approach and strive for success.

First off, to those still in school:

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Now for those who are with me and the other 2 million and graduates, I say, let’s get it. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

So here you are, sitting at square one, the beginning of your young professional career. Maybe you have a job, are looking for a job, or maybe you’re working on your own startup. You may also be in a new, unfamiliar city, state or country. Regardless of where you are, this is a time of change and absorbing knowledge. The best thing to do is to develop a life plan and make things happen. You should be more motivated now than ever. You have so much time on your side and endless amounts of opportunities to take advantage of; all horsepower and so much room to gallop. Think about it this way, if life was a race, then you are taking mark in the starting blocks and if the goal is to win, then your start is the most crucial part. However, DO. NOT.GET. CONFUSED. You are not racing other people. Please do not compare yourself to other people’s rate of success. Stay in your lane and sharpen YOUR unique craft. You are competing against yourself everyday. Be like your favorite local hardware store, Lowe’s, and (say it with me), “never stop improving”.

During this phase of life you are financially independent (yes, taxes & bills suck) and chances are you aren’t supporting a family yet. This means you are not tied down to too many obligations and have the freedom to control your hard earned money. Right now, you have the luxury to experiment and are lucky enough to have the flexibility to mess up and learn from your mistakes. Simply put, you have ability to do.



That being said, I know going and doing isn’t as black and white as you would hope. There are so many new things being thrown at you when you become a young professional and you may not feel prepared to handle them. Semi-Pro tip: Google’s “How do you”, will quickly become muscle memory while typing on your respected portable device. There are plenty of struggles when dealing with a new chapter in your life, but thinking macro one micro step at a time can help you develop a simple guide to start doing. Here are just a few topics I hope to break down for you guys to help achieve your individual success.

  • Landing a job
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Budgeting / Spending / Saving
  • Relocating & networking
  • Side hustling / Supplemental income
  • Meal prepping / fitness
  • Lifestyle / Music / Fashion trends
  • Sports / fantasy
  • Work & life balance
  • ETC…

The tone I want to set for those of you who are in this phase of life is this, being a young professional is a simple hustle. The goal of this blog is to formulate a simplified plan to break down everyday challenges we face and then just doing it.



Just know that so many of us are all on this ride together and our goal is to win. Join in and lets do some cool things.

HMU with questions or anything you’d like for me to cover at the listed contacts.

PY white




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